Integral Yoga Upper West Side

closed November 30, 2013

What Happened?

The Uptown Center closed permanently on November 30, 2013. Factors in our closing included an 80% decrease in attendance over the last twelve years and the loss of our lease. To continue studying Integral Yoga, please visit the Integral Yoga Institute or follow the links to the left to find out where our teachers are teaching.

Vijay's Letter

It is with a deep sense of regret that I must announce the closing of the Integral Yoga Upper West Side Center.

Integral Yoga has had a presence on Manhattan’s Upper West Side for decades now, and while it is a profoundly sad decision for me personally, I am most saddened by how this closing will impact the teachers and students who have been dedicated to the teachings of Integral Yoga.

As a student myself of the founder of the Uptown Center (Visnu Jayson) dating back to the 1980’s I recollect the tranquility and at-homeness to be found in our prior space at 72nd Street. Ramdas and I have been running the Center for now over 17 years and we all owe a tremendous debt of gratitude for Ram Das’ persistence and consistency in allowing us to stay afloat these many years.

There are so many people to thank for the life affirming and life changing experience of directing this spiritual haven for the last seventeen years. To all of the teachers I have come to know, laugh and pray with your selfless service has touched so many lives. To all of the students who have suffered through sometimes less than ideal physical conditions, to practice with us, I am eternally grateful. May your lives continue to be blessed with the grace of Swami Satchidananda’s teachings and his loving joyful spirit.

While teaching classes and leading teacher trainings and attending Satsangs the memories have accumulated and left a cherished imprint on my soul. I know that I will continue to relish those memories and hopefully to share some new ones at the Integral Yoga Institute at 227 West 13th Street. Class cards will continue to be honored at Integral Yoga’s main center located not too many subway stops from the Upper West Side. It is my fervent hope that I will continue to see many of your faces at the Downtown Center. I personally hope and plan to maintain my lifetime commitment to the teachings and expect to teach either classes, workshops or teacher trainings in the near future.

Yours in the light of Yoga,

vijai wilansky

Cecile Ambha

Wednesdays 6:30pm – 7:30pm
St. Mark the Evangelist Catholic Church
65 West 138 Street Bet. 5th Ave and Lenox

It is very important that people email me at before coming to class. Many activities take place in the space where I teach yoga. We have a monthly schedule; sometimes classes are cancelled. Parishioners who attend my classes on a regular basis get ample notice in the church bulletin. However, new students should check with me before they come.


Beginning, Tuesday, January 7th, we will be meeting on a regular basis at The Harlem Holistic Center located at 115 West 118th Street.

Directions to the class are either taking the #2/#3 train to 125th Street or the #7 bus to 127th Street.

The fees will be $10 per student per class, $5 for teachers and those on a limited income.

The Center has no blankets and the heat does go off at around 10:30 so you may need to bring your own blanket or a sweater for your Yoga Nidra-Deep relaxation.

If you know of anyone interested in becoming a regular, please spread the word.

There is an old African proverb which says: If you can talk then you can sing, If you can walk, then you can dance.

Om Shanthi,